Wilke Lake

Today I had the pleasure of visiting Wilke Lake. Wilke is in Kiel Wisconsin and my family previously owned a very small cabin there. About 6 years ago we sold the cabin to a nice family who is still currently living there today. However, I have so many fond memories from growing up on the lake. My family would have anything from late night camp fires to water sports. Our family had a pontoon and a fast boat. I learned how to water ski and knee board, and of course how to be a decent water tuber.While visiting today I felt like a little kid again. My boyfriend and I drove up together to meet my mother, sister, and our French exchange student Hortense. On the drive up I had the biggest smile on my face because I recognized the route and was excited to see the lake I called my second home. Before this day I had not been to Wilke lake in years. We visited some friends we know that have a cottage on the lake. Once we arrived it was go-go-go. Everyone quickly unloaded the car to get on the water. Within ten minutes we were on the water and tubing. The day was filled with fun water activities. We jet skied, paddle boarded, and water skied. Everything came back to me like second nature. It was amazing to see the smiles on my family members faces. I could see the joy and unity this lake brought to us this day. It was difficult to drive past our old cottage and not be able to go in. I was quite sad, it made me realize that I miss the lake life. Although, I am so happy for the next family who can enjoy it and create the amazing memories that I still have to this day. I am exhausted from all the swimming and activities we did today. My mother always says that a day in the sun will put you right to sleep. The beauty of Wilke lake and the significance it holds in my heart makes me appreciate the things I have in my life. On the drive home I reflected on the things I hold dear to my heart and I knew that Wilke was one of them. I looked over at my boyfriend and I was so grateful to be able to share this wonderful experience with him and to show him a big part of my life. It is days like these, the ones you share with the people you love, that make me the happiest and fill my heart with so much joy. I know this sounds super sappy but I am truly so thrilled after today and I just wanted to share this with you. Below are some picture from today!



Before we went to the lake we stopped to buy some snacks and Hortense our French exchange student was amazed by the size of this popcorn bag. Isn’t she so cute?


Meet my swimming boy Cody. He would not get out of the water!IMG_9439.JPG

This is Wilke Lake.

– A

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