Weekly Obsessions

  1. NKE!

The night market in Milwaukee happens once a month. They have food vendors and artists selling their works all down Wisconsin Avenue. Last night my boyfriend took me here on a surprise date and I had an amazing time. The atmosphere was amazing and really brought the city of Milwaukee together. I am a sucker for art pieces, so I basically stopped at every art vendor and looked at their works. Not only do they have food and art, but they have a DJ with dancing in the center of the market. It was awesome to stop and watch the dancers and see everyone who joined in. I would highly recommend going if you are in the Milwaukee area. Bring some friends with you and go check out this cool city we live in!

Jack and me at NKE
Overhead view of Wisconsin Avenue
  1. Madewell!

I have been going to Chicago since I was a kid, but 2 years ago my mother and I found the store Madewell. We fell in love with it and everything inside. Now the prices are a bit more expensive so you might not be buying 10 items there but it is so fun to go and try on the clothes. Recently, Mayfair Mall opened a Madewell store and I could not be more excited. Definitely go look at their clothing selection, you will not be disappointed. When I went there this week I bought this blue striped skirt on sale for $20 ( I know right I was shocked too). Along with a pair of black and white tie shorts. These are both such a cute addition to my closet. One more reason I love Madewell, if you are a student you get 10% off all your purchases and I am not one to turn away a deal.

Tie shorts
These shorts are adorable and very comfortable


Madewell Tote
This bag is definitely going on my wishlist.
Bought this skirt for $20
  1. Sun Up mini dress from Free People

I saw this dress on a few instagram pages and I used the app LiketoKnowit to find out where I could get this dress. The app searches through a screenshot on your phone and tells you where you can buy the items ( I love this because I screenshot everything). This dress looks so flowy and comfortable. The reverse hombre is a super cool factor.

Free People Dress
This dress is to die for! Photo from: @happilygrey
  1. ASOS Romper

I was scrolling through the ASOS page when I came upon this romper. Isn’t it so adorable? Only $45, I think it must be an addition to my closet.

Bershka Metallic Romper
Love this romper!
This open back is so cute!
  1. Food Trucks

As a girl who loves food, naturally I follow the page called MilwaukeeFood on Facebook. It updates me on all the food events going on near the MKE area. There is a weekly event called the Rock’N Food Truck Rally hosted at the Umbrella Bar. The bar is in Franklin and  this event will continue throughout the summer. I am definitely going to go and check this out.

Looks awesome! Photo from the Rock’N Rally Facebook page.


That is it for my weekly obsessions. Let me know if you have suggestions of things for me to try!


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