Edgy Chic

Oh my gosh, have I been busy! After a week in Door County and a Falk Family Reunion, I am back in Milwaukee. It is a new week and that means a NEW OUTFIT!

Ripped Jeans

These jeans have a story behind them (the best jeans usually do). My sister bought these for herself a couple years ago and loved them right away. Boyfriend jeans are so comfortable and easy to wear. They are Lucky Brand so of course they rock. Her friend borrowed them and created a large rip at the knee making the knee hole HUGE. Well as the years went on it got bigger and Zoe stopped liking them, so I took them on. To me, these jeans have so much spunk and character. They are a bit short on me (because my sister is a short cutie), so they fall just above the ankle. I love these jeans for a road trip or for a quick run to the grocery store. With that, I was pumped to work these into my photo shoot, and thrilled with how the pictures turned out.

Tight and Loose

Typically, my rule for my style is if you are wearing something loose on top you wear something tight on bottom and vice versa (unless you are feeling like a grub, then its loose loose) . The boyfriend cut on these jeans makes them a bit loose so I decided to wear a tight ribbed grey top with the look. This top helped accentuate some of my curves against my jeans.

Do you have any style rules you follow?


Personally, when I hear Clarks I think old lady shoes. NOT ANYMORE! Last year I bought these black heels for school. I needed a pair of black heels for going out. These shoes were a fabulous purchase. They are extremely comfortable and perfect for a long night out full of dancing and lots of walking. Gosh darn it these shoes are so easy to walk in and freaking comfortable ( I cannot stress this enough)! These heels added a dressy factor to my outfit, making it a great outfit for a night out.


How cute is this rose gold watch? I love how chic it is. My sister bought it at Francesa’s for $15 because they were having a sale. Lets just say I have been on the hunt for a similar one. It topped my outfit off with some glam.

Here are the pictures, I hope you like!

Don’t mind my claw hands 🙂

Jeans (Similar) (Similar and on SUPER Sale) Shirt (Exact) Shoes (Similar) Watch (Similar)

Thanks for reading


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