Weekly Obsessions August 10th

I know you have all been dying to know what I am obsessed with this week, so here it is. Since I have not published a W.O. post for a while I will put up 10!!

1. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are coming back! I feel like everyone is embracing the warm weather with flowy pants or a jumpsuit. My sister and I own a jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters together, and I must say it is very freeing. I found this jumpsuit on SheIN and I think it looks super cute. Only $19!

It gets better… it’s back less.

2. Weights

Ok, let me just say I am not a free weight junky. My personal trainer has showed me some exercises that will work on strengthening my arms. I have really enjoyed these, because I feel great once I finish my set. Now my weights are only 8 pounds but you have to start small!

3. Steve Madden Heels

I have seen a decent amount of fashion bloggers in these shoes, let me say I want in on it! They look easy to walk and great to style with your summer outfits. (Disclaimer: As much as I want to go nuts and buy all these things, my bank account would not be too happy. I am sharing these items with you because maybe you will think they are cute. Its also a sneaky way to make a wishlist wink wink) Back to it, I would love to own these heels someday ($60). Also love the taupe color!

Jaylen Wedge Sandal

4. Flag Painting

I am not calling myself an artist, although I have always been somewhat artistic. In high school I was constantly painting quotes on canvases or seeing a cute design at target and recreating it myself. My dorm room was full of paintings I made myself. My roommate and I had matching pushpin letters above our beds!

My Mom saw this really cool painting of a flag and asked me to make it for her. It was super easy and fun to make. I actually painted the whole things with my fingers!

Should I do a DIY how to do this painting?

5. Black Tote Bag

While in Door County my Mom and Sister went to this super cute store called Fred & Co in Fish Creek. They have cute brand and super cute purses. Currently, my brown tote bag is falling apart (because I got it for $10). I knew I wanted a nice one and we found this bag. It’s leather is so soft, and it comes with an extra bag inside that can be used as a purse on it’s own. I am very excited about this bag! We got it in store for $65, total score!


This is the bag that comes inside!


6. Bussola Sandals

If you have followed along with my weekly obsessions you know about the Eileen Fisher sandal. Well these shoes are quite similar for a way better price. I bought these shoes in Door County and have not been able to step out of them. The leather is so comfortable and they go with EVERYTHING. While wearing these, I have gotten so many compliments and so I am so glad I made this purchase. Bussola makes great shoes and I would highly recommend these to anyone. One of my Mom’s family friends saw that I had these and went to the store three days later and bought them herself (matchy matchy). So I am definitely confident in my purchase.

Processed with VSCO with jm1 preset
Wearing them non stop!

7. Goat Cheese

That is so Wisconsin of me isn’t it? I am obsessed with goat cheese lately. Ever since my mother made me a goat cheese salad couple weeks ago I have been HOOKED! Any time I am at a restaurant and see goat cheese I am immediately drawn to that. Sometime I just put a little bit of on a cracker.

Do you have any goat cheese recipes or suggestions I should try? ( I will try them.)

8. Sangria

I would highly recommend you try this sangria if you like a sweet taste! This brand has an amazing red sangria and white!!!! Also how cute is this bottle?

9. American Sign Language

Last semester I took ASL for to complete my language requirement at UST. This class was my favorite class of the year! It was interesting and it was the first time I found myself excited about the topic and material. My teacher was wonderful and he really made all the class interesting. ASL is not an easy language to learn, it is expressive and intricate. When you are communicating with ASL you have to engage your whole face and that requires a good amount of thought and practice. This coming semester I am taking my second level course of ASL, the class will be a great challenge for me this semester.

10. Cody

As school gets closer and closer, I am feeling sad about leaving not only my family but my fury friend Cody. I love having a person so excited to see me when I wake up or come home from work. I really missed him my first year of college and I know that it will be hard. Maybe I can sneak Cody in my suit case?

That face kills me

That is the end of this week’s W.O! Thank you for reading.

Any suggestions on things I should try? Leave them in the comments below!


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