5 Back to School Essentials

It is that time of year! The aisles of school supplies have started to creep into Target, Office Max, and so on. Personally, I have always looked forward to school supply shopping. I love feeling organized. This feelings lasts a very short time before my messy tendencies take over.

There are a few steps I take to get ready for school. Preparation is key, but in moderation. I often find myself purchasing things I “need” when I could possibly use them once. Here are some of the things that are my 5 BACK TO SCHOOL ESSENTIALS.


Without a planner my life would be a mess. This is one of the most important things to keep up on school work and prepare for my week. I stress out so much when I cannot find my planner, it is literally my life. I would recommend buying a full year planner (not just the academic year), and stay away from the HUGE planners. I always want something that is not going to weigh down my backpack. The best planners have rings. You want something that will be easy to open and look at, the rings allow for easy access. Here are some cute planners!

Comfortable Backpack

Walking and carrying your books all day can create some back pain. I make sure to have a comfortable backpack that has a plethora of pockets and places to put things. North face makes some really great backpacks, but I would suggest buying a smaller one. Unlike high school, you do not have to carry around textbooks and binders for 8 different classes. (North Face , Eddie Bauer)

Black and White Tee’s

When I had to go to my 8 AM I woke up about 20 minutes before the class started. That does not give me much time to pick out my most stylish outfit. My classic go to look at college was jeans and a black or white t-shirt. This is such a classic look that can be dressed up or down depending on what you accessorize with it. Personally, I love the way these outfits look.


Over the Ear Headphones

Over the ear headphones are great for nights at the library. Sometimes the Iphone ear buds do not block out the noise of people passing you or sniffles during cold season. These headphones helped me focus on my work and hone in on the project in front of me. I bought a cheap pair for $20 at target and they work great for me. Honestly, I do not think you need to buy the most expensive pair, but some of the wireless ones are cool. The beats are more expensive, but it depends on what you are willing to spend. I bought these Sony pair.

Portable Charger

This was so helpful for me at school. My mother bought me a small tube sized portable charger that holds a charge and a half. Personally, I hated leaving my phone plugged into  the wall during class. I felt like my phone would be lighting up or I would forget it and walk out. The portable charger came in handy, because I could plug my phone in and let it charge while I am in class. There are many different sizes of portable charges, but I would say get one that will fit in a purse as well. You DO NOT want to be going out that night with 30% battery. Here are some portable chargers. I would highly recommend this brand Jackery! They work super well and are only $15 on amazon.


 These are my 5 back to school essentials. Most of these things help me stay organized or ready for everyday life. Am I missing anything? Tell me what you need for school! Thanks for reading.


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