Shopping on a budget

If you are looking for affordable staple clothing you need to look at UNIQLO. They have weekly deals on all sorts of essentials for your closet. When I was in Chicago this past weekend I made a stop to check out their deals.

I have found some great pieces at Uniqlo. About a month ago the store had a sale on these jogger style work pants for $10. They are perfect paired with a black shirt or with some color! As you can see they have stripes so I obviously love them. These pants are so breezy and comfortable.

This sweater is a great throw on to any outfit. I bought this at a Unqilo sale about a month ago! (Sweater Similar)(Similar Pants) (Necklace Similar)

Here are some of the pieces I bought at Uniqlo.

Fuzzy Vest

How to shop on a budget
Uniqlo Fuzzy Vest

An important thing to know about me: I love anything and everything fuzzy. Currently I have 2 fuzzy pillows and blankets on my bed. This also applies to my clothing. I love soft and fuzzy sweaters and vests. I am so excited for this vest because it was only $20 and I have been looking for a cream/brown vest for a long time. It reminds me of the Patagonia Los Gatos vest, but half the price.




How to shop on a budget
Here is my other sweater from Uniqlo! Look how cute Jack is! ❤

I have this lounge wear set in cream stripes. Once I bought the cream one I was constantly in the sweater. I would wear it to bed or all day, AND it comes with a pair of pants (If you ever want to know how excited about loungewear just ask me in person). When I went back to Uniqlo I bought another set… IN BLUE! I loved my sweatshirt/sweater thing (I am not sure exactly what to call it) so much that my sister wanted me to get her one too. So now we have a matching set. This is my favorite thing from Uniqlo and I would highly recommend purchasing this set!

Graphic Tee

SPRZ Brand Tee

When I saw this tee-shirt I knew I had to have it. I am not going to get political, but with all the hatred going on in the world I was quite drawn to this tee. As I person I am very quick to forgive, just ask my sister. I believe that if we start focusing on the good in each person the world will slowly grow together instead of apart. The message on this shirt really encourages my hope (Enough of my rant). This tee-shirt has such cute writing and I enjoy the message, so I am excited to wear this shirt for school. They have a special going on for online orders, so get yours TODAY!

Grey Layering Long Sleeve


This is actually a men’s shirt, but it was so soft and I love long sleeve shirts. It would be perfect to put under the vest or wear with jeans and a cute scarf. I think it will be a great fall/winter piece. I got it in store for $10.

These are just some of the pieces I have added to my closet, however I have so many great cardigans and plain T-shirts. Uniqlo is the perfect place to shop on a budget. I would recommend signing up for their email list because you will be up to date on all the hot sales.

How do you shop on a budget?



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