Styling A Queer Couple

Wow I am so excited to share this news with you guys! I did my first collab ever with my cousin Tess! Tess and her girlfriend Kayla started their own youtube channel and have gained a great following. Their videos talk about health and life as a queer couple. Definitely check them out, because they are both adorable and amazing people.

We filmed a youtube video, where I styled each of them from their closets. I picked a fancy, casual, and random outfit for both Tess and Kayla. Here is the link to the video, you should go check it out! You can see how similar my cousin and I are 😉

I had them pick their favorite outfits. Here are the results!

Tess and Kayla both picked their formal outfits as their favorites.

Tess is styled in all black with a flare of color on top. Her black crop top showed off her great waist and the heels helped make the trousers look less baggy. This jacket is a great piece to add some color and fun to your outfit. It is a great outfit to wear for a formal dinner or an event. Having her hair tied up made the outfit look very sophisitcated. Tess looked amazing in this outfit and you could tell that she felt super confident in the outfit. She totally rocked this outfit!

Shop Tess’s look: Top (Similar) Pants (Similar) Heels (Similar)

I challenged Kayla to try a style she typically does not wear. I paired a blue top with some rolled black shorts together. Some people are not a huge fan of the black and blue color combination, but I think when paired correctly it can look great! Kayla made this outfit look awesome. To soften the contrast of the black and blue I threw in brown shoes, belt, and watch. This really helped unify the outfit! To be honest this outfit was actually Kayla’s second favorite outfit but she decided to take pictures in this outfit.

Shop Kayla’s look: Top (Similar) Shoes (Similar) Watch (Exact)

Here are the two of them! Aren’t they so cute?

Thank you so much for reading! I am so excited to do my first collab and especially with my amazingly talented cousin. Please go check out her channel she is great and put in great effort to her content.

What do you guys think of these outfits?




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