First Day of School Outfit Ideas

Hello loves, I have been crazy busy lately! I am all moved in to my new apartment and that has been a wild process. On the fun(ish) side I had my first day of classes.

At St.Thomas, when you head out of the dorms for the first day of class they offer the option to take a polaroid picture of you. I thought this was such a cute and fun idea to have this picture of every student looking slightly nervous and excited for their first college class. My roommate suggested we take similar pictures in front of our house, and the photos turned out so cute!

I wanted to show you guys what I wore for my first day of class outfit. The weather in St. Paul had been a bit funky, so I needed to dress warm. My outfit I originally planned was not warm enough, so I threw this together.

My top is a white sweater from Free People that I bought at TJ Max. It was a total score because those typically go for $60-70. I wore my favorite Just Black jeans that are so soft and comfortable. This jacket was the perfect add on because it’s so light weight. It is from Evereve, and ever since I bought it I had gotten so many compliments. I would highly recommend you have one jacket that can act as a throw or statement piece. To finish off the outfit I wore my comfortable black Vans.

Here is my outfit!

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I have been searching around for some other outfit ideas and here is some outfit inspiration for your first day or going forward.





I love these outfit ideas! What did you wear for your first day of classes?

Thanks for reading!



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