Rooftop Photoshoot

Hello loves, this week has been filled with classes, catching up with old friends, and a birthday celebration. Getting back into the habit of school has been a challenge. The weather in St. Paul has been horrible and I feel like I am still working in summer mode. To de-stress from our first week of school my friends decided to take our friend Annie out for her birthday!

We went to a restaurant called Crave in downtown Minneapolis. Thirteen girls went up to Crave’s rooftop for our birthday celebration! Everyone had so much fun getting fancy and celebrating Annie . My friends got dressy for our dinner, so I put together this formal Girls Night Out outfit.

I was so excited to wear my favorite Uniqlo pants. These were mentioned in one of my previous posts, but they are so fun and flowy. I paired it with a plunging V neck leotard. This leotard is backless so I am totally obsessed with it. Two years ago I bought this bodysuit and have been wearing it ever since with all different kinds of of outfits. However, this has been one of my favorite outfits thus far. To add a pop of color, I took this gold necklace to make it look like I was wearing a body chain.

To be honest, I am totally obsessed with this outfit. I think it is super fun and flirty. The top is sexy and makes me feel so confident. Adding the necklace was new and I totally loved the outcome. Each piece went together perfectly.

I love when fashion can become a fun and unique way to express yourself. This look made me feel great and I tried to mix things up from my closet. If I could give advice to anyone it would be to try mixing up your closet. Make a bold choice, because sometimes it will work out for the best! Sometimes it is easy to go out and buy a new article of clothing for every event, but that is not always practical. I have made it my new goal to ask myself how I can wear a piece in multiple outfits before I buy it. I think this will fill my closet with both statement and staple pieces. Ultimately making my wardrobe perfect mixing and matching.

Here is how my look turned out!

Shop my look: Leotard (Exact) Pants Necklace (Similar)

This is Annie! How cute is she? Hope you had the best day beautiful!!!21616376_1453291488040491_8999797792027187441_n

How do you challenge yourself with your fashion?

Thank you so much for reading



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