Fall Layering Outfit

Hello everyone, today I am going to be sharing this cute outfit you can wear during this fall transition period.

If you are like me, then with this weather right now you are feeling super confused with what to wear. Let me tell you every other girl is struggling too! Just today my friend Annie texted me saying she is wearing the same sweater as yesterday because she has no warm clothes. I cannot tell you how many photos I have pinned that give me super cute fall vibes. Although, it is only just the beginning of October. Should it be this cold? (who knows)

Here is an outfit that is perfect for this cold/ not cold enough for a winter jacket weather.

I paired this sweater I bought from Gap (for only $10) with a chunky cardigan. This was ideal because the sweater was too thin to wear on it’s own, but the cardigan allowed me to take it off if I got warm. Throughout the day, the cardigan really helped when walking outside and kept me super COZY.  I love this look because it is totally my style.

Typically I buy everything a size larger than I am, because I like things big on me. For example I bought a medium in this sweater, but I typically would be a small. I love how long it is. It is so chunky that it becomes a statement piece. Also there are brown patches on the elbows, how freaking cute?

I have to talk about these shoes. They are from Gap and let me tell you they are amazing. Suede with a small heel, these shoes caught my attention right away when I bought them last year. I cannot tell you how excited I was for these. They are totally my style and make me feel so fashionable. I loved this shoe so much that a month or two later I went back and bought them on sale in black.

My best advice for dressing in fall is, be prepared. It is better to be able to take something off and carry it with you, than to be stuck freezing. Also bring out those colors! I just recently bought a red sweater and let me tell you this was a bold choice. I typically do not buy much color in my closet, however this one got me (You will see it soon don’t worry). With all the leaves changing, it will be great to blend and add some color to the world.

Take a look at my fall outfit!

Also, here are some other outfit ideas for your fall closet!

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Shop my look

Cardigan (Similar)/ Sweater (Similar)/ Shoes (Similar)


Do you have any cute ways you layer and keep warm in the fall?

Thank you for reading!


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