Exploring Duluth, Minnesota

Hello everyone, I am so excited to share this post with you. If you follow my Instagram, then you knew I was in Duluth this past weekend. This was such a crazy time to go because they got about 6 inches of snow on Friday. They got this in the middle of OCTOBER, just crazy. I know this post is coming out a little late, but here it is.

I made a short video about my trip that I put up on Youtube. I am not sure if I am going to continue to post content on Youtube, but Instagram would not allow me to post the full video. SO… here is the link. Check it out if you want to see tons of snow and some cheesy couple stuff.

Jack and I wanted to get away for our fall break, so we decided to drive two hours north of St. Paul and head to Duluth. It was beautiful and such a fantastic weekend. We saw so many beautiful things.

We went to the Glenshen Mansion, and let me tell you this place is unbelievably beautiful. There were so many different corners of the house that had elaborate detail. The snow around the mansion made the tour so romantic.

Another fun thing we did was go see a concert. Duluth is widely known for their music. Jack and I went to this new bar, Blush, and saw an indie-rock band. Their music was quite loud and not quite my style, but it was great to listen to a new band. Jack loves music and I love listening to live music. So we were both excited to listen to the new stuff.

On our last day, Jack and I went hiking in the woods that overlooked all of Duluth. So we got to see some amazing views.

I do not have a ton of extravagant information to share with you. This vacation was short and super relaxing. On Friday, Jack and I came back to the hotel around 3 and watched Netflix. This was perfect for us to just chill after our stressful mid-term week. I am the kind of person who needs to recharge (Is anyone else like that?).  I love hanging out with my friends and seeing people I know. However, I also am the person who needs some time alone to gather her thoughts and scroll through Instagram, or watch those silly Youtube videos.  This vacation gave me that time, and it was a great time to do it with the person I love.

I would highly recommend doing this with one of your close friends, significant other, or even your family. Take some time to connect and a break away from our busy everyday lives.

Thank you for reading! Here are some pictures from my trip!

Travel Duluth
We got to see Bob Dylan’s first house! How cool? Jack was geeking when we got here!
Travel Duluth
Beautiful winter scene
Travel Duluth
Backyard of the amazing mansion

Travel Duluth

Travel Duluth
Hiking! You could just see some of the water!


Travel Duluth
Duluth welcomed me well!


Travel Duluth
Cute quote I found on the bathroom wall.

Travel Duluth

Travel Duluth
All bundled up to beat the cold!

How do you take time to recharge?




2 thoughts on “Exploring Duluth, Minnesota

  1. I love Duluth! I’ve been there a couple of times during the summer and it’s such a cute town. It sounds like you had a nice weekend away 🙂

    A- simplylovely90.com

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