How To Survive the Transition to Winter!

Hello everyone, Minnesota has been quite cold lately; I would definitely consider myself a freeze baby (my feet are literally always cold, even in the summer)! I am here to tell you how to take on the cold while moving into the winter months. Side note, is anyone else as excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas as I am?


If there is something important to know about me, it’s that I have a HUGE fur OBSESSION. Anything fuzzy or soft (extra points if it is oversized) gets me pumped, and I will literally stop and touch every fuzzy item in stores. On that note, I have been living in my Uniqlo fur vest. I bought this vest this past summer for $20. Let me tell you, the vest has been the best $20 I have spent in a while.

Fur will keep you warm, this is why I would recommend buying one. This way you can layer and take it off if you need to. You can pair it with a chunky sweater or even a plain long sleeve. As it it gets cold this is one of my go- to outfits. I often find myself wearing this outfit to stay warm and comfortable.

Here are some options: ( Old Navy only $10) (Patagonia)


One of my favorite hats comes from the Love Your Melon brand. If you have not heard of them go look at their page. The idea started at the University of St. Thomas and has grown to be widely acknowledged across the states. Their mission is wonderful and their products are adorable. My hat is so comfortable and keeps my melon super warm.

Here are some of my favorites:


Cold weather means fun boots! When I moved to Minnesota I knew I had to have a sturdy pair of boots. My Mom (bless her heart) bought me a pair of Sorel boot and these babies pushed me through winter. They are so comfortable and thick that my unnaturally cold feet stay warm in below freezing temperatures. Sorel has a variety of boot styles, ranging from short booties to tall knee highs. I would recommend checking out their products if you need a pair of sturdy winter boots. As much as I love my pair of UGGS, they will not withstand the snow.

Another pair of boots I own are Timberlands. I would not tag these as “winter boots”, however they will definitely get you through the winter. Mine are a brown leather and I would definitely wear them when it is lightly snowing.

As you can see I have a little grey obsession.

(Sorels, Timberlands)


These have been all the rage at St. Thomas. Everyone is wearing their chunky scarves paired with an oversized sweater. I have jumped on the trend! These are great because you can burry your face in them when walking to class. Scarves make me feel so cozy and warm! Large blanket scarves can be style so many different ways I have seen a couple bloggers post about all the ways to wear them. The Old Navy scarf, I bought a couple weeks ago and absolutely love it.

Here are some options: (Old Navy only $15, ASOS)

With these items handy in your closet I am confident you can make it through your cold weather. These pieces are also great for this transition into December. They are either great layering pieces or just go with everything!

What is your winter essential?

Thank you for reading!





2 thoughts on “How To Survive the Transition to Winter!

  1. So first off – love those scarves! They look so cozy! Second thing – I love your content and I nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful day!



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