Black Friday Haul

Hello lovely readers, after reading the title I think you know what is coming. This post is coming a bit late, but I am here to show you my purchases from black Friday sales. I had a great time shopping with my sister and it brought us together.


I have to say, Nordstrom’s did not have that great of a sale. However, my sister and I found some deals.

Free People Sweater

Free people is dangerous. Why? All their clothes are so cute, but most their clothes are super spendy. When I grabbed this sweater I did not look at the price. Of course I get to the dressing room, put it on, and freaking love it. (Side note, I have worn it three times since buying it) The sweater is big and cozy, just up my ally. It is not very soft, but I just love it. Thank the LORD that when I got to the register the woman told me she price checked it and I got it for $80! Definitely a good purchase.

Spending time with family!

Above I am wearing the leather leggings and Free People sweater!

Leather Leggings

I think this style is so cute and once I saw these I knew I wanted them. These pleather leggings are so smooth on your legs. ALSO, I got them for $10 on sale. I must give all my inspiration to my lovely friend Annie, she has a pair of these which she totally rocks. I saw them and knew I had to jump on the trend. You put on a pair of leather leggings and I’m telling you it is one confidence boost.

Halogen Shoes

I have to give all the credit to my sister. When I lived at home Zoe would go into my closet all the time and steal my clothes. Now that I am at college she had to step up her closet game. LET ME TELL YOU, this girl has! Every time I come home I find a new thing that I am obsessed with in her closet. The latest was these shoes. She bought them in white, and she looked so stinking cute in them. I knew I had to to find myself a pair. These shoes are super comfortable because they have extra cushioning in the bottom. Also, they are slip on which rocks.


DEAL ALERT! If you sign up to become a Nordstroms rewards member (this is not a credit card) you get $10 back on your next purchase!


Sweater Dress

If you follow my instagram (which you should), you saw me wearing this dress already. I got this super cute Athlete sweater dress. I wore this dress with leggings and some cute booties for the perfect winter outfit. Another plus, it has finger holes! Unfortunately I cannot find it on their website, but I found the similar style.


I bought this shirt for pretty cheap at Madewell. It was on sale with the extra black Friday discount. I like the collar on this shirt, it adds some sophistication to the shirt.


That is it for my black Friday haul! Did you find any amazing deals for black Friday?

Shop my clothes (Free People Sweater, Halogen Shoes , Leather Pants Similar, Athlete Dress Similar, Madewell Shirt)

Thank you for reading.


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