Fur Baby Fur

Hello my lovely followers! I am so excited to bring you this post. Have any of you gotten on the trend of the teady bear coats? In this post I am talking about how to style your oversized coat!


Coat // Sweater Similar // Love your Melon & Madewell Similar //  Target Shoes

First off, lets talk about THIS COAT! I bought this coat at Forever 21 while they were having a 50% off sale, so I got it for $20. I found this coat in the plus size section, but I fell in love with it. The only downfall of the coat is it sheds. To be honest, I am kinda mad it sheds, but I wear lighter colored things underneath and it works well. Other than the shedding I love it!

The trend of teddy bear coats has been huge for college students and beyond. I think they are so cute to wear to bars in the winter, it’s a practical way to wear “winter coat” and throw in some fashion. I would definitely recommend this style though! Mine has some crisp lines which made me feel super sophisticated. I think you can feel cozy and warm in these (An essential for my life).

Underneath my coat I wore a vintage sweater that my Nana gave me. It was grey with vertical ridges. The material went great with the coat. Also, the grey sweater did not show the shedding from the coat (major plus).

My shoes are from Target and I absolutely adore them. They were a Christmas present from my sister. She got them for me because she has the exact pair and I was always stealing hers when I would come home. The toe has a small point at the top that I would not have thought I liked, but they look so cute on. Black goes with everything!

I switched hats mid photoshoot (whoops). HOWEVER, I am wearing a Love your Melon hat and a Madewell hat. They are both great brands and produce wonderful products. Both hats meshed with my outfit quite nicely.

With this outfit I was hoping to bring comfort and fashion together. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. These items are most likely pieces you could find in your closet, with maybe the exception of the coat. I wore this outfit to brunch with my cousin and her girlfriend. It was a great time to spend with family. They even got to take part in the photoshoot too!

(Side note: If you live in Milwaukee and are looking for a great brunch place, I got you! Go to Sweet Diner. The aesthetic is unreal; the food was really good and not too expensive. Also, my cousin and her girlfriend are vegan, and they were able to find some really great options for themselves.)

Check out my look!


Thank you so much for reading!

An extra thank you to my sister for taking these awesome pictures.


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