Add A POP Of Color To Your Outfit

Hello fashionistas! While spending my January in Milwaukee I have been able to see parts of the city I have never seen before. Even living here my whole life, there are things I have not seen. One of my high school friends and I decided to do a shoot together downtown.

First let me talk about Frannie. She has had a blog since the beginning of time (just kidding 8th grade)! She has established a great name for herself. Check out her page for fashion inspiration and all the hot brunch places.

I was so excited to meet up for this photoshoot! We actually shot 2 outfits, but this is only the first. You know what that means? MORE TO COME.

Before my shoot I decided to turn to Pinterest for some outfit inspiration. The location was this beautiful abandoned mall in Milwaukee, so I wanted to do a more formal outfit. This is what my look was inspired byinspo

How did I do?

The look!


Pants (similar) // Hat (similar) // Shoes (sold out)

I have talked about these pants on the blog before. These are the pants I got from my mother. She wore them in the 80’s, yes you read that correctly. I absolutely love that the style came back and still works in the fashion world today. This outfit felt very chic to me. The pants were possibly my favorite part. Shout out to my Mama for being slightly on the hoarder spectrum, sometimes it works out. Obviously I get my fashion sense from her!

On top I wore a plain black long sleeve from Target. I would recommend buying some of your monochromatic t-shirts and long sleeves from Target. They have great layering tops that are inexpensive and comfortable.

The shoes I wore were my latest purchase from Nordstrom Rack. These flats have a pointed toe with a slight shine. I loved the slight flare they added to my outfit.

Last but not least, that POP of color! This hat is actually my sister’s. However, I believe this is the first time it has ever been worn in public. Sometimes when I feel like my closet is boring I will venture into my sister’s (perks of having a sister). This hat totally popped out at me. See what I did there? Ok, moving on from the corny jokes. The mustard hat aligned well with my inspiration picture.

I had a blast shooting this outfit. Here are the final pictures!


Thank you for reading!



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