Why you NEED to visit Montreal!

Hello my lovely followers! As you may already know, I took a trip to Montreal, Quebec. I am here to tell you why this is your perfect travel destination! The trip was fantastic and I cannot wait to go back. ALSO: Keep reading for a surprise at the end!

My family vacationed to Montreal to visit McGill University; one of my best friends, Maeve, attends school there. My sister had a short break from school and I took off school two days to go visit my friend and tour the unique city. Thursday, February 8th, I hopped on a plane to Toronto where I met my mom and sister, before taking off to Montreal.

SO, why visit Montreal?

  1. Language is not a barrier!– Many people are hesitant to visit Montréal because the majority of the city speaks French. Almost every person speaks English and French.  My sister is currently taking French which helped us navigate through the city. We found it easy to communicate with the French speakers. It was wonderful to hear all the French. Personally, the trip felt more authentic hearing the French language.
  2. Exchange rate- One Canadian dollar is the equivalent to 0.79 US dollars. While that is not a huge difference, it definitely pays off in the end. The exchange rate is a great advantage while shopping. It helped me when I was out spending my money on clothes!
  3. Many air bnb options– Montreal has some really great air bnb options that are not too expensive and great quality. The area we stayed is called Le Plateau-Mont Royal. For me, Le Plateau feels like the streets of Europe. Our place was close to great restaurants and shopping which was a huge advantage.
  4. Magnificent food– Montreal has a wide range of food options. I got to try authentic poutine for the first time. Poutine is a dish that originated in Quebec; it consists of French fries, cheese curds and topped with a brown gravy sauce. The variety of food options allows you to try different restaurant styles each night. And lets not forget dessert. I am pretty sure we had desert after every meal, and I mean EVERY meal- pastries, gâteau au chocolat, cookie dough balls and ice cream, Croissants, do I need say more! (Writing this makes me crave MTL food so bad).
  5. McGill University- All you seniors in high school reading this, tell your parents you are interesting in visiting McGill University. It is such a beautiful and interesting school. The layout is so unique. The only downfall I found were the steep inclines throughout the campus that students take multiple times every day (eliminate that freshman 15). Also, the drinking age is 18 if that appeals to you ;).


I had such a great time in Montreal. Thanks to our host Maeve, you did a great job of showing us the beauty of Montreal. I hope to come back soon. The memories I made in MTL are ones that I will hold for my whole life.

Montreal VLOG

I made a video about my trip. Click the link here to watch and see some of the beautiful sights!

Here are some pictures from my trip!


I hope you liked this post and the video. Thank you for reading!



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