Your Spring Savior

Hello my lovely followers! Minnesota currently has some fluctuating weather patterns. One day you bundle up in a parka, and the next you are sporting a light jacket. Personally, I struggle to dress for this weather. If you are like me, then I have a solution for you.

When I am looking for outfit inspiration I turn to pinterest. Shocker right? I created a board called “Outfit Ideas”, where I put outfits that have similar items from my closet that I could replicate. This board helps me get creative with my closet. Also, it challenges me to go outside my comfort zone. Whenever I am in a bind, I turn to this outfit idea board and try out something new. Lately, my Pinterest is flooded with images of girls in oversized sweaters and sweater coats. This style seems very European to me. Many fashion bloggers are rocking this look. Here are some examples:

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These sweater coats are the solution for your transition into Spring. If you are shopping right now, you can find winter apparel on super sale ( most stores are getting ready for spring). When I was recently shopping, I found my sweater coat at Zara for $35!

I decided to try out the Pinterest style for myself. Putting this outfit together was so much fun. My look felt very chic and sophisticated. Most of the sweater coats I found have crisp lines that pair well with a chunky sweater. Ripped jeans added some “edgyness” (I think I made this word up) to my outfit. My shoes have been mentioned on the blog before, but these are just fabulous. The pointed toe finishes off an outfit with a chic touch!

I highly recommend purchasing a coat like this, although definitely purchase one with buttons. Confession, I actually have a similar one in my closet, but my latest one has buttons and looks more sophisticated. If you are looking for a coat to get you into spring I recommend something like this. It is lightweight,which allows you to layer underneath. Also, these coats are everywhere right now so you can probably find one on sale!


Shop my look: Coat // Sweater // Jeans // Shoes

_DSC0127_DSC0128half way?extreme white?let

Does anyone else feel like this when they are getting ready in the morning?


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