Am I on trend?

It has been a while since I have posted about fashion on my fashion blog. I know, I am crazy. Have no fear, I am back and ready to try out a new style for you.


To be honest I am not super comfortable with this trend. They are essentially just short leggings, but they also have serious camel toe potential and other unflattering things. Despite my fears I recently purchase a pair. I put them on and saw I thigh gap I never knew I had. They are super comfortable. I got them from Aritzia in Mall of America, but I know you can get them just about anywhere. I wanted a pair that were tight on top to give you a nice sliming feature. I also wanted them to be somewhat longer so they don’t look like volleyball spandex. I have seen some super cute outfits other bloggers and influencers, so I am sharing my biker short inspo here.

  1. The oversized tee
  2. The giant sweatshirt
  3. With a blazer (my personal favorite)

I am trying the trend but we will see how it goes.Here’s how I ended up styling my biker shorts outfit. I am excited to keep trying new things with them.

Thank you for waiting so long for another post. Let’s make this a regular thing? okay? ok! Much love!


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