Post grad Update

I graduated college. It feels so weird to write that.

I was sad to graduate during a pandemic. Seniors in high school missed their graduations too, and it just sucks. In the past six months, I went from an independent, young adult to bunking back home with my parents (They are great roommates by the way). Additionally, I was supposed to enter a booming job market, but was confronted with the worst Americans have seen in the last 10 years. So yeah, life is weird.

I am currently applying to full-time jobs and let me tell you, this process is difficult. I have enjoyed learning about different jobs and companies through networking, but that is also tiring. Searching for a job makes you consider: “Why me? Why should they choose me?”. This question is difficult to answer, and I personally had to overcome a hurdle of self-doubt. My career development counselor informed me that this self-doubt is what is holding me back from reaching my full potential. Although tough to hear, her advice ultimately kicked my booty into gear. With that, I am hoping to launch my career in Marketing with a goal to develop into the fashion industry someday. Right now I work part-time at Salamander boutique in Wauwatosa, which has been great. I love working with customers and learning more about the industry.

Other life updates… I enjoy life at home. My relationships with my family have never been stronger. My sisters goes to school 10 minutes away which allows us to have frequent sissy time. The support from my parents is helping a lot, and they are the best cheerleaders a gal could ask for. Don’t get me wrong, we still bicker about who needs to do the dishes. However, we have an awesome roommate situation. It helps that my mom is a fantastic cook.

Processed with VSCO with v8 preset

I have also enjoyed reconnecting with friends from high school. A couple of us moved home after college and we have been making the most of our time back at home. Although I do not get the wine nights back at UST, I try and make effort to connect with my college friends, who I miss dearly. Like any long-distance relationship, they require more work, and that has been a difficult adjustment. However, we have made efforts to get together at least once a month which makes all the difference. If you are wondering about my love life, I am still single. Dating during a nation wide pandemic is not the vibe. I was on a couple dating apps for a while, but you would not believe the types of messages I would receive. DM me for all the juicy details.

I do not have this big life update but it feels good to write again, and hopefully you guys can feel a bit more connected to my life.


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