My name is Anna and Milwaukee Wisconsin is my forever home. However, I attend the University of St. Thomas where I am studying psychology. A little bit about me, I have done many things throughout my childhood. From sports to theater I have been involved in many places. Although, I found my true calling in voice and theater. Theater was my main focus throughout high-school and now, in college, I am participating in choir.

Growing up I had always been interested in fashion. At my first “legit” job I worked for my Dad as a legal assistant (A.K.A I cleaned and put away files all day). The first paycheck I received was $80, which I immediately took to Urban Outfitters where spent it all. Looking back, I should have put some in my savings but you live and learn. I always pride myself in my large closet selection and I love when my friends ask to borrow my clothes. This is why I decided to start a blog, because I wanted to share with people my creative nature and hope it can instill a spark in you!

This blog is a way for me to explore my interests in fashion, health, beauty, and my overall life. I hope you are interested in following along with my journey through college and self discovery. My main goal for this blog is to inspire and connect with people on my passions.

I hope you enjoy!