Entering the Cooking World

I will admit it, I am not a cook. If I am home alone my go-to meal is Kraft Mac and Cheese. This however, does not assist my goal to create a healthier lifestyle. My Mother is working really hard to make healthy dinners for my family, and I have been helping out.I do not think I am a good cook, although, I am excited to ease my way into the vast culinary world.

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Door County Fun

Hello my lovely readers!!!

I first want to say that I am sorry I have not posted in a while I have been busy. Juggling working, a family reunion, and my family vacation has kept me moving. My Dad comes from a very large family so we get everyone together once every summer. I will say that my Dad is one of 15 children, so its a big ordeal! Then my family went right from Green Bay to Door County.

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Weekly Obsessions July 19th

1. Photoshoots

I love to do photoshoots! One year for Christmas, Zoe and I each got a nice camera because we were getting interested in photography. There are a decent amount of photographers in our family. My Papa and my mother have a good history of taking beautiful pictures. A local photographer that went to my high school reached out to me about a collaboration idea. I am super excited to work with her. Her name is Clare LoCoco and actually we have worked together before for Senior Pictures. She is super skilled and talented you should go check out her Instagram page (clareviewphotos). I also have some other shoots being planned as well so I am getting super excited. Below are some of my senior pictures!

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