Your Spring Savior

Hello my lovely followers! Minnesota currently has some fluctuating weather patterns. One day you bundle up in a parka, and the next you are sporting a light jacket. Personally, I struggle to dress for this weather. If you are like me, then I have a solution for you.

Weekly Obsessions October 20th

Hello lovelies, if you have been keeping up with my social media then you would have seen my Instagram story. I took a poll asking if my next post should be a “Weekly Obsessions” or “Fashion” post, and the “Weekly Obsessions” post won! Here are my current obsessions!

Shopping on a budget

If you are looking for affordable staple clothing you need to look at UNIQLO. They have weekly deals on all sorts of essentials for your closet. When I was in Chicago this past weekend I made a stop to check out their deals.

Thanksgiving In July

Yes you read that title correctly! My family decided to celebrate Thanksgiving in July to show Hortense, the French exchange student, how Americans celebrate. We had a full turkey and lots of other classics.

Fourth of July Weekend

Whoa this past weekend was a crazy one! Friday June 30th I will start from the beginning. My best friend Amanda, from the University of St. Thomas, came to stay with my family this past weekend. This was the first time I saw her since we said goodbye at the end of the school year….

Gingham Ruffle Shorts

My family had a neighborhood dinner and I decided to wear these new gingham shorts I bought in Chicago. The black and white gingham shorts are so cute and comfortable. I bought them for $20 at Top Shop. I paired it with a plain white ribbed quarter length shirt. This shirt is the Soft and…