Exploring Duluth, Minnesota

Hello everyone, I am so excited to share this post with you. If you follow my Instagram, then you knew I was in Duluth this past weekend. This was such a crazy time to go because they got about 6 inches of snow on Friday. They got this in the middle of OCTOBER, just crazy….

Rooftop Photoshoot

Hello loves, this week has been filled with classes, catching up with old friends, and a birthday celebration. Getting back into the habit of school has been a challenge. The weather in St. Paul has been horrible and I feel like I am still working in summer mode. To de-stress from our first week of…

Styling A Queer Couple

Wow I am so excited to share this news with you guys! I did my first collab ever with my cousin Tess! Tess and her girlfriend Kayla started their own youtube channel and have gained a great following. Their videos talk about health and life as a queer couple. Definitely check them out, because they…

Smoke Bomb Photography Fun

Photography has always interested me. Capturing a beautiful moment, and to watch it translate through a picture intrigues me.

Edgy Chic

Oh my gosh, have I been busy! After a week in Door County and a Falk Family Reunion, I am back in Milwaukee. It is a new week and that means a NEW OUTFIT!

Peplum Tie Top

I am so excited to share one of my outfits from my shoot with Clare. (Everyone go check out her page) This is just one of five different outfits we did in that session. I am thinking I will put one out every week!